Got a date with the Cthulu Dating App

Who knew it had drawbacks?

Do you know what she wore for work that day?

WebGL has problems that sometimes the Windows version does not (Might be fixed[?]).  Read Extra Notes for more details.

  • Use Keyboards keys to type in the choices
  • Esc key to Reset the game
  • Enter or Return key to Accept
  • Backspace key to Decline
  • ‘\’ or Backslash key to open your offering screen
    • This is what you use to get your letters back
  • Tab to toggle your sacrifice list
  • Delete to skip the timer

Extra Notes: You can only fix it by resetting the game or by downloading the game to avoid it completely!

This problem may come in the form of locked state in which the game’s ending is supposed to trigger. I had to waste 6 hours trying to fix the problem on WebGL side of things whereas the WIN version had no problems whatsoever. I did my best to make the WebGL work but unfortunately I had to ‘sacrifice’ my time to develop other parts of the game.

For those looking for the best game experience please download the game from the link below. I had made the WebGL for convenience sake and it was my first time too so it didn’t really work out in the end.


Typeless 22 MB


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It was cute and short

This was pre- short but super fun!